League Of Legends

I believe that today this game made by Riot isn’t new to players of tower defense and multiplayer massive online game.

Based on the match between two groups of people that may be 3 Vs 3 or 5 Vs 5 or individual matches of 1 Vs 1.Quite similar to the old DOTA, still follows the idea of progression in combat and out of combats.

Each time you enter a fight our champion starts at lvl 1 with the possibility of reaching lvl 18, gaining with each lvl the choice of the evolution of one of four active skills (being a total of five, but one passive). The xp for the lvl up and gold, that can be spent at the store near the point of resurrection to purchase items that enhance the features of our character, is got by killing the minions that advance repeatedly against our allies or monsters who are in the bowels of forests dispersed in the map, among which are a special that can provide more gold than others, hit points or a boost of certain characteristics, and visible around our champion, for a short time, and that can still move to our opponents, starting the time from the beggining it is active, if they kill us while the boost is surrounding us.

After crossing one (or all!) The three possible routes on the map, after we devour the enemy’s minions, deflate our opponents, destroy the towers and disconnecting the Inhibitors, we can finally finish the game to demolish the opposing team’s Nexus ( if they haven’t given up before). With the end of the game, we get XP and IP (in-game currency) for our summoner (which corresponds to ourselves).

Through the evolution of our levels (up to 30) we receive several chances to alter the power of our champions. Even through a competitive ladder, we can see our victories, most used champions and summaries of our latest fighting which basically is divided into how many kills we get, how many deaths we suffer and how many assists we do. As a Summoner: We can choose two of the existing spells that we can take to the battlefield; Buy champions who can be use after purchase, or if available temporarily by the game; Buy runes that we can put in books that enhance the characteristics of champions (each slot for a rune is unlocked as we evolve); Buy skins for our champions to excel ourselves on the battlefield (you can only buy through Riot Points (RP) that can be purchase by real money); Select Masteries (skills or competencies), for each champion we want, that will also enhance the features of our champion.

While Summoner in the game, we are able to prepare our strategy before each battle, equip our champions so they can get distinguished both visually and mechanically. As a Champion we should give our best through a good communication with the other players and good teamwork, as well as a good selection of items!

I usually play, in this type of games, with characters with access to magic, which usually involves long range, providing support to my colleagues what has led to a lot of assists by my hand, a small number of deaths and zero kills in round . However, with the Champion Victor (one of the best, in my opinion!) I already could feel drunk with the power to annihilate enemy minions and champions in a short matter of time. The use of magic wielders, the vast list of assists and little interest in being guilty of the woman’s voice echoing across the battlefield the usual “double-kill” or even “an enemy is unstoppable” which many fellow brothers-in-arms and friends compare with my interaction in chat, available while we fight, considering it as “too friendly” or “annoyingly friendly.”

However, after a collection of 49 amazing assists with Champion Morgana it led me to choose another type of Champions. Yes, in addition to the Cane and blinding lights that emerge from my hands, I started to fight with swords and shields, or maybe two dragon skulls if you are using Shivana as a Champion! Feeling the wounded pixels of the opponents, the red being shed and the fall of large stones that make up the line of the enemy’s team defense and provide a good fight full of laughs and clicks of the mouse buttons and keyboard makes me fully understand the beauty of this game. It was with great pleasure that in the chat room, reserved for players of the two teams in each contest, I spoke for minutes with the opposing team, laughing with them and congratulating them of the bright and clumsy confrontations, even after losing a fight and even if my whole team has left, either to rest their ego or  to try their luck again and commitment.

Recently, it was possible to offer badges after each fight, to characterize both our colleagues if they were friendly, if they helped us better understand the game or if they made a good teamwork, as well as we can do the same to our adversaries if they have been friendly and well-mannered during the game. For those with little patience and a vast number of offensive words there is also a way of rewarding their behavior during the game and its disregard for the code of Summoners, as we can report such cases, specifying their content and leading court of the players who will  punish them, if needed, mostly with a sentence of time that they can’t access the game. This also happens to players who leave the battlefield before time.

League of Legends is available for PC.


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