Street Fighter IV

It is not for any particular reason that this is my first post about a game, but simply because this was the most recent game I played.

For me, a fighting game has always been the target of laughter, joy and a frenetic charge of buttons. I had a lot of fun by playing with some friends who, along with nostalgia, is worse than a hangover. But beyond my “adventure”, I should refer the notions of the game in question.

I already played several games of the Street Fighter serie before, but this one left me more intrigued while playing it. The controls were complicated and not easy to learn. Not only requires rotating the right analog and press the buttons correctly and on top of all this, it has to be done cronometradamente. Pay attention! I am not saying that this is a mistake by  the company, but that the key factor of this game is targeting the “pros” of fighting games.  It serves as a little play ignoring the instructions of buttons and movements that I was used to look for only when the goal was to populate the screen lights and accelerated movements.

However, the menus are attractive and similar to those of their antecedents. The view is breathtaking due to the colors used and the general environment of  the combats. The soundtrack follows the moments when we’re both trying to get rid of the enemy’s blows as the parts when we are like a wall of punches and kicks.

I was happy with the choice of offer of components that include the visual aspect of character or even reactions such as clothing and “taunts” and implementing an online competition mode.

A very good game for the genre, with attention to its longevity, but pointed to more experienced players.


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