Don’t Starve

Don’t make me say I told you!

There were two games (Indie), quite  related, recently in the minds of players: I’m talking about Minecraft and Terraria.

Two games quite famous for their giant world, by offering in-game capacity of creation that embraces the imagination of the player and a vast number of “materials”.

Don’t Starve, by Klei entertainement, follows the same line but in a more simple and creative in visual terms, leading to a more survival theme than about creation.

The look is like the style of Tim Burton’s creative traits and the characters appear to have the characteristics of the inhabitants of the dark city of London. I liked the friendly and quite mesmerizing pencil and the trace of melodic colors, as well as the speeches and hilarious voices similar to those we enjoyed in Okami.

Early in the game we control a character (initially we are only allowed to play with Wilson) who was captured by a good-looking demon, which takes us to a remote location. Little is known about the past of the character or the demon, but little it matters to us such as the hunger icon (represented by a stomach) and the icon of time (like a watch) point to a need to search for food and shelter, that for many youtubers this means performing tutorials of the famous “First Night” with which we lived or observed in Minecraft and Terraria.

The game creates the map and you can very easily create a different, or even import one from a friend. The interface is very attractive and funny, which joins with an excellent animation and a perfect soundtrack for the environment in question.

Don’t Starve is still in Beta phase which means that players who have already purchased the game, through a cool discount, will experience updates that will be slowly changing small elements or changing our survival strategy.

Little can I talk about my adventures, as is still in beta and many things are changing weekly, but the aim of achieving the 5 characters currently possible to unlock as we survive during several days in a row, partly as experience, is something which brings me to play a lot of this wonder.

Something that I ussualy do is , actually, the traditional hunt of a buffalo species that tend to want revenge as a herd, the supply of food to the pigs “civilians” in exchange for brave mercenaries or part-time helpers or to their king for gold, the constant war with the nests of spiders in search for web and scratching my bright beard with Wilson, that will grow as time passes.

It is noteworthy the magnificent artwork of the producers given that the updates are announced, beyond the ordinary post at their site, as an attractive poster.



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