“No one plays PC anymore…”

It was with great regret that I heard two gentleman among their 30/40 years while looking for computer games on a shelf, loosen the previous sigh: “No one plays PC anymore, nowadays.”.
This sentence was immediately refused by me.

It is true that the computer games that i found on the shelves in Portugal, nowadays, are a bit old and that the shops doesn’t seem to receive new products when they are launched. But somehow I realize that I stopped to go to these stores looking for games.

Connecting to the Internet, see what’s new around, search for new ideas waiting for funding in Kickstarter, look for discounts on Steam and order of games that I wish became something usual since there isn’t a space that leads me and many others do the things above. The industry of selling games began to dedicate more  to expensive consoles and games with high price, as well as trying to fight against the adversities that companies place to prevent the sale and purchase of second hand games, which still reduced the price.

I noticed, as the reader may have noticed too, that I have been playing on computers rather of consoles. The multitude of ways to support companies in making indie games and the ease of getting games, as mentioned earlier, on Steam or even with cases like Humble Indie Bundle and viewing other players playing on PC on the Youtube led me in such direction.

In my opinion, nowadays, more people, than at the time the consoles dominated this world, play on PC but they have been changing their access to games and their mentality as gamer and Internet users.

But I take this opportunity to apologize to the readers here that I can post a lot about games for the PC platform. However, I ask you to leave your comments whenever you want. I’m not looking for high ratings or views,but to find good people to talk to and play with.

See you around and have a good game!


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