Torchlight is a game from Runic Games that’s very similar to Diablo II. I say this not to take away the importance Torchlight but for who played Diablo II is hard to not feel familiar with the mechanics and methods of play.

Beyond the environmental Hack and Slash, Torchlight presents us a world with a compelling story and an animated visual and casual in terms of fantasy, adding a few details of the Steampunk fashion. The soundtrack is correct for the environment partly medieval, partly mechanical.

Ember is the essence of magic and the key for alchemy to this fantasy world, and was in search of this material in large mines beneath the streets of Torchlight that miners found what they looked for such as creatures, ancient civilizations and an evil (as usual!), but in this case it initially came out of the mines.

To embark on our adventure we may first choose from three possible characters: Vanquisher, Destroyer and Alchemist. Each character refers to a class and these are, in order, warrior, mage and rogue. Apart from the character we chose an animal companion like a wild cat or a fierce wolf. Each character had their reasons to pry the events in Torchlight but everyone’s attention is sent to the Ember mines and the cause of all dangers and misfortunes.

The map, like in Diablo, is created randomly whenever we begin a new adventure and it is a set of dungeons, which will increasingly sprawl beneath the surface, where we can find a major city (Torchlight) which can easily be accessed by scrolls or portals.

A long list of weapons that we can use, the number of skills that make us feel full of power and the different creatures contribute to cull a frantic and hallucinogenic gameplay. Apart from the bosses and annoying creatures, we may have to fight an usual opponent with an increase in its size. Puzzles, long paths, alleys, bridges and shortcuts are usual as we go down in the bowels of the virtual world of Torchlight. The pages of items and spells will also be something that will vary, not only in shape as in power, which is categorized by a color scheme and attractive names.

The interface is easy to learn for those who have never entered the stops of this kind of game, and to make some breaks of the main quest we are able to do some fishing in the respective sites (we can feed the fish we catch to our animals to transfigure them into a creature out of the expected , giving an increase of their capabilities), conduct side-quests that reward us friendly and we’re able to play Torchlight with mods (modifications made by players), which I advise the multiplayer one, something lacking in the original game.

My adventure began with the character with better aim and knowledge in the use of daggers and firearms. With this I mean the Vanquisher, the only female character. I have no problem in following a dangerous adventure in the position of a woman, especially in the company of a true wild cat that learned to heal itself and spit fire when needed, as this woman knows how to stand up extremely well. A wide range of equipment such as bombs of tamed lightning, a few traps and a vast knowledge of aggressive fighting techniques compose part of her arsenal. And the fun of fighting with giant enemies as they advance slowly against me, away of their range.

A fun and cool game with a great way of progression but somehow it seems somewhat linear. However, there is currently a Torchlight 2 full of news, but that is for later!

Torchlight is available for PC.


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