A new war rises to the screens of our Televisions!

With rumors and suspicion of the production and launch of new generation consoles (which in my point of view a little less can be add up to a case of few centimeters that they tend to reduce the size and duration) there are two possible enemy who made a big impact with Kickstarter: OUYA and GameStick.

OUYA appeared in the platform Kickstarter in July 10, 2012, ending the receipt of funds in August 9, 2012. The GameStick appeared in January 2, 2013 and is still receiving funds until February 1, 2013. And so the competition begins!

In a detailed comparison, both consoles run on the same operating system (Android Jelly Bean (this almost receiving the update to the 4.2)), binding capacity WiFi 802.11 b / g / n, Bluethooth LE 4.0, HDMI connection to the TV and internal memory of 1 to 8 GB. And so the differences arise. The OUYA contains a processor quad-core processor Tegra3 while GameStick contains Amlogic 8726-MX. The OUYA’s controller is wireless with standard controls (two analog, d-pad, eight action buttons, a  system button), and a touchpad. The GameStick’s controller is also wireless, also with standard controls, but it doesn’t contain touchpad.

The OUYA, created by Julie Uhrman and a team of collaborators and advisors, is characterized as a small box completely moldable, ie, there is a possibility to change the hardware inside, to have a practical command and the ability to connect 4 simultaneously, the existence of a USB port and the possibility of Ethernet connection. And to explain why much of its success, OUYA has its developer kit that helps anyone to create their own game, as well as an easy way to submit and publish their apps in the store the same way that the submission of Android apps happen today. Apart from games made by users, OUYA counts with independent and well-known companies.

 300ppi_console in context_HR

“Photo of an OUYA”

The GameStick, by PlayJam company, began as a pen to insert in the TV, in an HDMI or USB port, and connecting our command GameStick to the television and consequently to the gaming platform. Its strong feature is an easy transportation and mobility since the pen is stored in the command itself that fits in your pocket. There is no reference about the fact that users can submit their own games, but a reference to the access to known games and the support of independent and well-known companies.


“Photo of a GameStick”

The OUYA is currently marked with the price $ 99, with each command to cost $ 30 extra, and GameStick  is marked with the price of $ 79. The GameStick is planned to be launched and subsequent dispatched, such as the ones that were pre-ordered, between March 13 and April 13, 2013, while OUYA’s release date and shipping is planned for during the month of April 2013.

We hopefully await for more news of these new future consoles to see if they can really change the difficulty that players and companies had before with the past and current consoles. I’ll later post my opinion article in relation of these two consoles that can warm us in the near future with rewarding moments of fun.

Have a good game!


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