Reinforcements to the battlefield!

Apparently, the Android operating system and consoles that run on such system are in fashion at the beginning of this year 2013. After the announcement of future consoles from the previous post, two more arise: Project SHIELD, by NVIDIA, and SteamBox, byValve.

Project SHIELD, with its release scheduled for between April and June, initially available only in the United States and Canada, is an Android mobile device with a 5-inch multi-touch screen and with an USB port. Players can access and play Android games on SHIELD. Some of the launch titles are Arma Tactics, Blood Sword, Burn Zombie Burn, Dead Trigger 2, Real Boxing e Rochard.

The command consists of the same elements that a standard command with a D-pad, central buttons Start / Back / Home / Volume and a NVIDIA / Power button, as well as a system button with multi-function.

The portable console will be equipped with the Quad-core A15 CPU (central processing unit) and GPU (graphics processing unit) GeForce GTX 600. A great feature of the console is that it’s possible to access to your computers with GeForce GTX graphics card, do make streaming of games bought on Steam or in other digital platforms. The console also allows the player to use SD cards and connect to a television by an HDMI cable. Although there is no reference to the price.


“Photographs of the Project SHIELD”


The Steam Box, with its  launch scheduled in 2013, with no specific month, is notable for running the Linux operating system. The appearance of the Big Picture on Steam (the ability of Steam games be played on TV with a command), emerged an easy interface to use on televisions of great power and / or size and, with the support of the Linux operating system, Valve obtains complete freedom.

These are a brief news announcement from Valve’s hardware, which probably will compose the console. There’s no reference to the price that the console will have.

I’ll delay then,for a few more moments, my article of opinion, now about the 4 future generation consoles that will populate our day-to-day rumors and predictions.

Thanks again and have a good game!


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