Jamestown: Legend of the Lost Colony

Jamestown: Legend of the Lost Colony, a game by Final Form Games, this is a neoclassical shooter for PC.

The game takes place in a British colony on Mars in the style of the 17th century, like the corresponding colony of Jamestown, founded in 1607, the current U.S. state of Virginia. It seems strange but I quickly accepted this world, full of lights by lazers and full of beautiful landscapes.

We are in 1619, during a war between England and Spain, following the adventure of a man, we play with the possibility of co-op (cooperative) with 3 brothers in arms, and the option to choose between one of four unique ships, each with its role on the battlefield.

For us to stand out in the community by showing our ability to escape the enemy firework  and our dexterity in hitting the targets that infest the screen, we have an online leaderboard.

It’s an interesting game, and I have played many to easily recognize the frantic gameplay and mechanics. I loved the story, as well as the opponents. With the ability to play with the mouse or the keyboard, or even a joystick, I prefer the mouse sensitivity to cross enemy lines. I still have to try to conquer the difficulties in some higher levels, where the screen is filled by aliens instantly.

I advise it to the player that feel in the mood to play this kind of games, because it is truly one of the great Indie games of 2011. Have a good game!



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