Minecraft: Part 2

But then, I was already thinking of doing an additional post about Minecraft to add a few things to what I indicated in the first post corresponding to the game in question.

Minecraft is a “virtual sandbox”, ie, a virtual sandbox that many players dream. I’ve always been one to build castles on the beach and in the virtual world I always look to the part of the game’s software that enables the design of levels or stories from the players. Little Big Planet allowed that creative possibilities such an excellent manner but Minecraft allowed to create worlds and develops them to exhaustion.

It can be a fairly common metaphor but Minecraft, beyond the survival game or adventure, can be seen as a sheet of plain paper but many possibilities of change. The creation of this virtual world reaches the limits of what we can create and what we want (provided it does not go against the structures of the game, since it is composed of square blocks).

The Internet is filled with mods (changes) that can be made and played in the game, which consists of small changes, such as the addition of elements or objects, as well as modification of previous or large changes, as the addition of a world (realm) or in gameplay.

You can also change the look of the game, either through mods or textures, changing only the look of several cubes. Finally, if the player is tired of following the adventures with Steve,  he can change the skin for one of his choice, a bit like the same process for creating textures but in this case, the change only affects our character.

This is it, for now, but there is much more to talk about. However, be aware of the following posts. A big hug and have a good game!


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