Craft Fighter


(* Whenever the previous symbol appears, the reader can find information related to facts that were hidden by the creators / producers, in order to arouse the curiosity of the player to unlock secrets of the game, at the end of the post!)

Craft Fighter is a fighting game based on the universe of Minecraft, created by CraftStudio.

The game was first produced in fifteen days, to be presented at Minecon 2012. Due to its success, the company decided to continue its development and after a month they concluded it.

The game have a retro design and the controls are the most basic for a fighting game: jump, move right or left, down to do the special attack, attack, block and pause, with the possibility of three combos: an air kick , a special attack and an ultimate, which is hidden*. The player can play with a Xbox 360 or with the keyboard.

There are eight characters to choose (Steve, Skeleton, Zombie, Creeper, Pig, Villager and Pig Zombie, and a secret character*), as well as five scenarios (The World, snowland, desert, the Nether and The End).

In the game we can fight against the computer (AI (Artificial Intelligence)) or against a friend in Local (on the same computer).

The game is free and can be played on Windows or Mac operating systems

This is a fighting game very simple but fun. The skeleton is my favorite character in combat, but the animations of victory and defeat of the pig are what made me laugh a lot. A funny game to test our skills in pushing buttons frantically with and against friends.

(* As promised, here are the secrets:

The secret character is Notch (creator of Minecraft) and can be played by holding down when we are on the square that shows all the characters (without selecting it!), appearing a shadow character.

The combo can be done by pressing down, forward and attack, but only if we have more than half of the orange bar, which is located underneath the life bar, which increases as we damage the opponent.)


4 thoughts on “Craft Fighter

      1. Well, that would be a funny double combat, in-game and in the keyboard.
        Unfortunately, the controls can’t be changed. For Player 1 it’s Z, Q, S and D to move and H and J for attack and block, and Player 2 it’s the arrow keys and 1 and 2 for attack and block.

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