RaiderZ is an MMO by Maiet Entertainment, together with Gameforge (Europe) and Perfect World (North America).

It consists in a world of achievement and great hunts of monsters, a world haunted by a curse that descended from the heavens.

The “Prime Stone”, named by the alchemists sent to inspect the object by Roland, ruler of the Kingdom of Rendel, helped the Army of Rendel to depart the tribe of Volo to the North, after Horen, Arch-Alchemist, have used the stone to create the metal “Belaxium” which served to equip the army with new and powerful instruments of war.

However, the stone brought a catastrophe beyond the blessing. Corrupted creatures emerged, each more hideous than the other. Sentenced by madness and dark energies, these creatures have contaminated the others, spreading a plague through the land. To protect the kingdom of Rendel, constructed the Great Wall of Silence.

Five years later, the king’s authority lost it’s power, Rendel’s army was in disorder and danger involved the Great Wall of Silence. And it is at this point that the Kingdom needs help, our help!

There is only one race that we classify as Humans. We are in a world of fantasy and magic, so this isn’t a negative point. We have the opportunity to choose from four classes, with the chance to learn the skills of other classes:

Berserker is a class that focus in the first lines of combat and ensure an enormous amount of damage on opponents. His weapon of choice is a huge sword, two-handed, like the ones from an anime, or a large axe, and may also use a plate equipment, for greater defense.

Defender is the class that stands up well against the opponents, as well as causing a good amount of damage on them, aiming to be the target of the creatures, diverting their attention from the comrades. You can equip both a sword or a club, in addition to the precious shield.

Sorcerer is a class that involves elemental damage, with long range spells based on fire or ice, being able to reach large hordes of enemies. You can venture out with both a staff or a sword/ mace and shield.

Cleric is a class that is based on helping colleagues in combat, healing them and rid them of curses and negative effects, as well as causing enough damage to opponents. The staff tends to be it’s companion in battle.

And with the choice of our class, we went to the beautiful world of the Kingdom of Rendel and starting our adventure in Broken Mast, a seaside region that is currently on the left of the map.

The combat system is, for me, one of the main reasons to play this MMO. A fight that does not require selection of the target or benefit the players who remain simply quiet, clicking on the buttons. It is necessary to evade from the attacks of the adversaries that can seize or immobilize our characters, beyond the damage they inflict, depending on their size, and strike them when the time is right.

Something that I love is the crafting system (building items). To build the best weapons and the best equipment, as well as other objects, it is necessary to slaughter powerful creatures, most with a great stature.

Currently, while the European servers celebrate the events of Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year, American servers celebrate such events as well as the new update: Broken Silence.

With Broken Silence update players face the invasion of the terrible creatures that involved the Great Wall of Silence, recently broken. It opens up a new zone and new areas and dungeons, new enemies and epic bosses, more weapons and equipment to build, a pvp arena (player vs player) as well as other innovations, such as increasing the maximum leve capl to 40!

RaiderZ provides a good environment to work in a team, being a good MMO on the market of its kind, being free-to-play with freemium content, paid through virtual currencies as Zen (America) or Coinz (Europe), which are obtained through real money.

“Before these monsters, fighting alone is impossible. Work as a team or suffer. Hunt together or die alone.” This is the motto in RaiderZ!

In the existence of new updates, in the future, these will be posted on this blog.


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