This is an MMO created by the French company Ankama. For me, this is one of the best companies today, when it comes to publishing games (and books!).

Dofus is a virtual world full of colours, in harmony with the French welfare and good humor. The universe (KrosMoz), where is Dofus, have a giant story and engaging with many other worlds (some of them are part of other games from the company).

Long ago, a dragon, Bolgrot, came to the province of Amakna. The young Errel Rykke was the only one brave enough to face the terrifying creature. Instead of reducing the man to dust, since he could easily have done, the dragon bowed to the young knight and swore loyalty to him.
Months passed. Rykke met Helsephine, a young enchantress, and fell in love madly for her. When Rykke presented her to Bolgrot, the dragon, mad with rage, killed Helsephine and took flight, destroying everything wherever he went.

Furious, Rykke chased the dragon. When he found the dragon’s lair, it began the fight between the old friends. Using powerful weapons and magic, Rykke managed to topple Bolgrot. But, as he had been seriously injured, the young hero died shortly after.

Looking for an explanation for the reaction of Bolgrot, the sages of Amakna discovered within the entrails of the dragon six unusually colored eggs, which they called Dofus. Later, they found that when the eggs were all together, their power was absolute! Absolute, but unstable. The sages decided to hide the relics from the rest of the world.

During the following centuries, the secret of the existence of Dofus was so well kept in silence that people eventually forgot about them. On a fateful day, the keepers found that the eggs were gone. The news quickly spread throughout the province, causing terror and greed. It did not take long for young adventurers to show in Amakna, lured by the prospect of glory and riches. The fate of Amakna was, thereafter, uncertain and troubled by the appearance of several terrifying creatures.

In the world of Dofus, there are 2 continents and 7 different islands that we can explore, as well as over 2,000 creatures to defeat!

Before we begin our adventure, we must choose our character among 15 classes / races, with the possibility to choose between male or female: Cra, Enutrof, Feca, Iop, Osamodas, Sram, Sacrier, Ecaflip, Eniripsa, Sadida , Xelor, Pandawa, Rogue, Masqueraider and Foggernaut, each with a large list of spells, as well as the existence of many others around the world.

There’s the possibility to reach up to level 200 and, when our character evolves a level to we can put up to 5 new points that we use to enhance our features and 1 to buy or improve our spells. The characteristics, Strength, Agility, Perspective, Intelligence, Vitality and Wisdom, should be chosen depending on the type of spells that we intend to use, and there are features that can only be modified by equipment or other objects, such as AP (Action Points), MP (Movement Points), Prospecting and Initiative, which will matter during the fighting.

The combat system is based on shifts, and there’s a grid that defines where we can move. The crafting system (building items) is dynamic and attractive, as well as the sale of items, by the player himself, in the form of store, while it is absent, or auctions. As for jobs, the player can choose from more than 30, such as the traditional lumberjack, fisherman or baker.

Initially we start in an area that lies floating on Amakna, Incarnam, to get used to the game.

Dofus ensures a universe, visible in a view from above and satisfactory graphics, with always something to do, having a good ranking of its kind on the market of MMO’s. It is free-to-play, but to access certain areas and unlock various features (such as the possibility of belonging to one of two warring factions) will be required to pay a monthly fee, and freemium content, paid through the virtual coin, Ogrines, which are obtained using real money.

At the moment, the servers o Dofus celebrate Valentine’s Day, Saint Ballotwine’s season, as well as the promises to the year of 2013, that comes along with different events every month.

With the advent of more updates, they will be referred to in the blog.



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