RichardBlackEye News: A 2DS shines a Godly path against Dracula

The beginning of 2014 brings new horizons in the world of video games : The PS4 is sold out in Portugal , wherever I go, the XBOX One seems that will only be showing up here by the end of 2014 … I seriously think  about the XBOX One more than the PS4 , due to the immense features and opportunities it provides ( or could provide ) to users, yes, users, since XBOX One can actually break the rule that consoles  are only for gaming. Ok, this will sound contradictory, Sony already does this with their consoles. I’ve seen movies, series, heard  music and saw pictures on my Playstation 2 (which is no longer in my possession), PSP and PS3, and I intend to come to use the Playstation 4 to help me in my online content production, but I feel that I have the need to lift the spirits of Microsoft, since I use their operating systems ever since I had the first contact with computers . Ryse, Microsoft !

However, even with the news of these two consoles to appear on social networks , the 2DS was my most recent purchase and one word describes how I feel about it: Epic! Seriously, a 2DS (please see this acquisition as a 3DS; I will explain later why I chose a 2DS instead of a 3DS XL ) was one of the best purchases I made. For a time when there is a fever for tablets, the 2DS replaces that need for support to be online anywhere, wherever and whenever you need or want, and perhaps it will delay my need to switch to a smartphone for a few more months. It’s not quite the need to be socially online, but to be able to research, write and edit texts, videos or ideas for when I return home and continue my work . The choice of 2DS against the spectacular screen of a 3DS XL is due to the fact that the price is much lower (EUR 150), which represents EUR 20 for Pokémon Y (in my case).

My 2DS came with the Pokémon Y and, leaving aside the pain I have for passing the purchase of the Pokémon Black and White 2, with Pokémon Y came a huge smile. (If it is not noticeable , I have a great love for the GameFreak franchise) Bigsby, a Fletchling, is the first Pokémon that I gave a name, really giving a new feel to the game. But it is a fact, maturity changes the way to see things and, for me, give better experiences with games.

With three games to be created with my help (one in production , one in pre-production and another still just ideas in scattered sheets), the need to search for  ideas and concepts for them arises, and nothing better than to see what exists in the market and what is requested by the community. DayZ was the game that caught my attention the most, and leads me to follow its evolution from when it was a Mod for Arma II, but I haven’t purchased it yet. Godus was the last game that occupied my attention (and time!), but, being in beta and only at 41 % of the final game, it led to a time when I had to stop playing while waiting for new patches .

Obviously, in my search for ideas and inspiration from games, is not surprising that I purchased Castlevania (the 1st) to play on 2DS, given that this game is a gem and an example of how to make a brutal game with few resources.

You can read more about youtubers in the coming days, as well as about Blizzard games, and can also count with a few posts about Nintendo, here in Simple Reasons To Hit Start.

Have a good game!


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