Polaris it’s a recent youtube channel, made ​​up of video contributions from different famous youtubers, for example the video series “Simple Simon” from the Yogscast.

I bring this channel to you because, in addition to the Yogscast being inserted here, we can also find the youtubers Jesse Cox, Day [9], Dodger, HuskyStarcraft and TotalBiscuit. Being the elements of the Yogscast (about which you can read the post “Yogscast“) mainly British, the youtubers I speak today are mostly Americans, to the exception of TotalBiscuit which is also British .

Jesse Cox, that owns the youtube channel Jesse Cox, has been a teacher of Humanities (History and English Language), and later devoted himself to a youtube channel with the theme of videogames. In addition to the Let’s Play of different games (mostly AAA category), as the series Beyond: Two Souls, we can see Jesse in Vlogs where he speaks a bit of what will happen at his channel and answer questions from fans, as in Revenge of the Q&A.

Day [9] is a player of Magic : The Gathering and Starcraft, responsible for the youtube channel Day[9]TV. As you can expect, you will see lots of videos of his games in Starcraft II: Heart of the SwarmMagic: The Gathering Online and Hearthstone, or even his commentins in competitive games of Starcraft .

Dodger is one of the oldest youtubers I follow and PressHeartToContinue it’s probably the channel that I follow for the longest time. Not just with videos playthroughs of Indie Games like The Testament Of Sherlock Holmes, but also with Vlogs in her Gaming Newz, where she talks about news from the world of videogames.

Youtubers usually have an additional channel to put videos of a different nature from their main channel, and there’s DexterityBonus by Dodger as an example. In this channel  you can watch Dodger answer fan’s questions in Q&A, and speak a bit of her day -to-day projects in COFFEH, next to a mug (always different!) filled with Coffee .

HuskyStarcraft is a Starcraft player and on his channel, HuskyStarcraft, he makes several comments to several games of players versus players in Bronze League Heroes. It was for me one of the best ways to improve my methods in strategy games .

TotalBiscuit is the youtuber that I wanted to talk about the most in this group. In his main channel, TotalHalibut, which names itself as The Cynical Brit, has one of my favorite videos series from youtube, WTF is… where he talks about first impressions of games, mostly existing in steam, as well as Vlogs with updates and thoughts of his own .

TotalBiscuit is repeatedly criticized for watching videogames under a critical point of view, for analyzing the mechanical concepts and the narratives used. This type of criticism, that’s quite normal and mostly irrational, has come from fans of games or companies. For me, TotalBiscuit is a landmark in video game criticism, whether I agree with or not in his reviews, and I believe when he says that this industry has to grow up and understand that (constructive) criticism is a way to improve what is done in the game industry.

I will leave the reference to RosannaPansino and Wowcrendor channels, because these two youtubers are several times in contact with the last ones. We can watch Rosanna cooking delights with references to videogames in Nerdy Nummies or Wowcrendor and Jesse Cox playing Cube World in Cube World: CoxnCrendor.

All these youtubers and many others can be viewed on the Youtube channel of Polaris and listened to at the TGS Podcast or in The Game Station own site. A favorite series from the subscribers of TGS is Lore, where they explain the narrative of videogames in a minute.

Hope it you find these youtube channels interesting. Feel free to say which youtube channels you follow, I will be glad to know.

As always, have a good game!


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