For who does not know , Yogscast it’s a Youtube channel ( would be more correct to say group) from the UK , already with their own website and a game to be produced ( Yogventures ) .

The duo Xephos and Honeydew ( Simon and Lewis ) appeared on YouTube in 2008 by the name of Yogscast .

They began with footage of fights against bosses in World of Warcraft, created the YoGPoD, a podcast of various conversations between the two, in 2009, and in 2010, explored the world of Minecraft, still in alpha version, showing how to survive the first night in the inhospitable world, leading to the creation of one of the most famous youtube video series : Shadows of Israphel .

At this time, Yogscast is no longer composed only by the initial duo, but by a number of different producers as Hannah, Duncan, Sips, Sjin or Kim . It is  large number of people who performs , produces , edits and shares lots of videos and songs weekly on youtube, but I’ll talk more specifically about the members I follow daily.

In the main channel, BlueXephos, which already has 6,411,377 subscriptions to date, being the most subscribed YouTube channel in the UK, you can find several series of videos from Simon and Lewis playing Minecraft, as a demonstration of mods on “Yoglabs” or the construction of the famous factory of Jaffa Cakes, with the Tekkit plugin, in “Minecraft Tekkit“. They also play many Indie games  and something that pleases me a lot in this channel it’s the dedication to show other games than the more expected or sought out.

Another feature that leads me to love this team is their creativity and seeking to offer good quality entertainment, which can be seen in “YogsQuest” or “Don’t Starve Challenge” series .

Hannah was the first female element in the Yogscast, having a channel herself, yogscast2, although connected to the main channel. Usually you can view videos of Let’s Play ( Walkthrough ) both about Indie games, as “Shelter“, as about AAA games category, like “Ryse : Son of Rome“.

Duncan is also one of the elements that I follow, and one of the oldest canals in the group, Yogscastlalna, and it’s probably the member of the Yogscast with a greater understanding of the more complicated games, the perfect channel to serve as a tutorial for some plugins like Minecraft “Hexxit” or “Voltz“, being my favorite series, in this channel, the wars and negotiations in Civilization 5, with several members of the Yogscast.

Sips ( Chris ), who joined the team in 2011 with one channel, YogscastSips, is perhaps the only member naturally and calmly rude, but his expressions and reactions are hilarious moments in his videos. Usually, we see challenges where Sips and Sjin ally against Lewis, Simon and Duncan. Somewhat similar to Hannah’s channel, here we can find either Indie games, as “Evoland“, or AAA games category, like “Elder Scrolls : Skyrim“.

Sjin ( Paul ), joined with a channel also in 2011, YogscastSjin. It is one of the most creative and immersive member in the digital worlds in which he gets contacts. We can see his dedication in building a farm in “Feed The World” with the Minecraft plugin Feed The Beast, and his creativity in action in various videos of his Let’s Build series, such as Erebor.

Kim was one of the video editors initially, being recently the last to create a channel associated with Yogscast, yogscastkim, (now being Hat Films actually the last group with a channel to take part of the Yogscast) and has shown immense qualities in entertainment, already having journalistic experience in the area of videogames. Mostly, we can see her in interviews with producers and directors of games, some Let’s Play videos and many videos with a journalistic sense, as unboxings .

At Christmas time it’s usual to see the Yogscast making streaming sessions for charity, being 2013 christmas the 3rd year and having cows as main theme. Yes, the choice of an animal serves to thematize and publicize the charity campaign, and this action is a good way to support the social acceptance of videogames, in my point of view.

This was then the first post this week about Youtubers . Have accompany the Yogscast for a good two years and watching them grow and follow its evolution has been a rewarding experience .

I hope you got the curiosity to see some of the videos spoken here and I will try to demonstrate the importance of these youtubers for the gaming industry today .

Have a great game!


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