Portuguese Game Producers

It’s with the news of the release of the first game from Nerd Monkeys, Detective Case and Clown Bot in Murder in Hotel Lisbon, that I’m thinking about the many works in videogames done by portuguese people and their impact on the market.

The portuguese love to play, especially videogames! We have a very pleasant and communicable community, alerted to the gaming news. There have been several occasions when I felt happy to find people with the same passion as me, here in Portugal.

However, in Portugal games are still a subject considered childish or distracting. Fortunately, this wall is being broken easily these recent years, and the existence of games created by portuguese ceased to be a dream a long time ago.

The creation of companies like MOVE Interactive (the site is non-existent), who was responsible for the production of “Ugo Volt”, a game that was never released, originally slated for 360 Xbox and PC; Biodroid Entertainment, which was responsible for producing  sports games such as “Billabong Surf Trip“, for mobile devices but not only; or SeedStudios, responsible for mobile games and  games for Nintendo DS  and the strategy game for the Playstation 3, Under Siege; it’s the reason why Portugal knows it has the capacity to materialize and to establish global presence in the field of videogames, with the presentation of good quality products.

In addition to the existence of videogame producers, the portuguese also have the creation and dissemination of information about the topic, from all over the world, by means of communication performed by the portuguese. By 2012 , Portugal could rely on Insert Coin in AXN (Portugal), hosted by Filipa Brazona, and the MyGames on SIC Radical, which also existed as a forum associated with the portal sapo.pt, as well as many other forums and blogs and magazines such as Official Playstation Magazine (Portugal).

Nowadays, in addition to blogs, forums and magazines that were emerging and/ or being kept, as this blog, we can count on PróximoNível, an online project created by members of MyGames, Eurogamer  (Portugal), an online project also, and BGamer, a portuguese magazine about games going on their 186th issue this month of January.

Maybe it’s too early to think about a gaming industry as we see outside our country, but that thought has been farther away! At the moment I’m glad people arise with willingness and ability to tell stories and entertain people through this art of videogames, and supporting the various creative projects in the best possible way.

Have a good game!


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