World of Warcraft: Trading Card Game


With the online card game, set in Blizzard’s Warcraft universe, under the title Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, it is good to remember that Blizzard had a physical TCG (Trading Card Game) with the same theme, in a partnership with Cryptozoic Entertainment.

At the moment, World of Warcraft: Trading Card Game featured the 2nd set of Timewalkers Block, Betrayal of the Guardian, which takes us to the early events of the series, the 1st and 2nd war after Medivh grant passage of orcs and Gul’dan from Outland to Azeroth through the Dark Portal, as a group known as Timewalkers who plan to travel in time to mend a wounded past in order to restore the present.

To me there is no better time to start playing this trading card game, which is also not too complicated, and that I followed until it’s end. Play with characters like Archimonde, Arthas, Illidan, Thrall, Tyrande, Gul’dan or even characters who I never thought I would have the power to control, like Queen Azshara, Ner’zhul, Lady Vashj, still elf, and the Lich King (although I started playing in the final set of the Aftermath Block, Tomb of the Forgotten).

It is an immense love I have for the story involving Warcraft and it’s characters, even if there is an immense amount of these I want to know and have the curiosity to learn all the stories .

The cards are mostly elements of this universe and many can be found in Blizzard games, such as creatures, locations, characters, events, spells and mounts .

For example: Ozumat is a monster type Leviathan which its ally monster type card with a payment of 8 resources, Ferocity (this ally can be proposed to an attacker regardless of how long it’s been under your control), Eternal (when this enters your graveyard from anywhere, you may shuffle it into your deck) and “When Ozumat is targeted by an opposing card or effect, he deals 10 shadow damage to the opponent’s hero.”, 8(shadow damage)/ 7 (health points), and it’s a boss in World of Warcraft during a dungeon, in Throne of the Tides, in a sequence of events in which we try to protect Neptulon .

I hope that I have raised your interest for seeking to know more about the game and its rules.

Have a Good Game!


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