Super Mario Galaxy

It seems that in Portugal, after the notice that the Wii was discontinued, the retailers started avoiding the sale of Wii games.

As difficult it can be, I finally got my hands in one of the last generation’s successes. Yes, like the title says it was Super Mario Galaxy.

This game, in short, is awesome; filled with colours and new features in a 3D game in the Super Mario Series.

The  character Rosalina is now confirmed to be in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS, and now I can see why. She’s a lovely character, as the plushie stars, Lumas, are.

After Super Mario 64 for Nintendo 64(awesome game too, and I’ll try to get it once more so I can remember everything to talk about it here later on) and Super Mario Sunshine for GameCube (which I only played parts but it was fun and amazing), Super Mario Galaxy is a real change in how to play with the famous plumber.

As is normal in space, we can see hundreds of stars, deadly blackholes, different planets and feel the gravity force of each one, but now all is mixed up with billy bullets, Bowser, gold coins and goombas.

Bowser and Bowser Jr. are trying to build their own galaxy, kidnapping princess Peach (as usual) and stealing Power Stars. Mario, failing in a inicial rescue of Peach, ends in a spaceship that will act as our base during the rescue of the princess. The spaceship belongs to Rosalina and her companions, the Lumas, that request our help by gathering Power Stars that work as the power source of the spaceship.

We play with the Wii Remote, the Nunchuk taking advantage of the motion sensor and Wii Remote’s pointer features. We can travel through space by Lauch Stars (resembling, in some way, the barrel canon in Donkey Kong Country), pointing at certain objects that we can interact with, and catching, also with the pointer, star bits that can be used throughout the game in different ways, such as attacking enemies or feeding hungry Lumas.

There exist 42 galaxies in the game, each one with planets that work as levels, and we can select which one we want to travel to by acessing the different domes existing in the base spaceship, with each next dome being unlocked by collecting the Power Stars.

It’s a great game, both for children and adults. I loved it and I’ll be in a demand to find Super Mario Galaxy 2! Wish me luck!

And have a good game!


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