I’ve noticed currently that I’m listening to a lot of video game soundtracks. In my opinion, music has generally been declining in the quality that I look for. However, I’m returning to some virtual worlds in search of such tones and songs that make me shivering.

Joy, sadness, panic or fear are all feelings that current video game soundtracks have conveyd excellently.

It was a need to feel such feelings through music that I revisited the universe of Bioshock Infinite. I realized that I was smiling happily with the bass tones and intense percussion while dodging bullets in midair, or sometimes with fun conversations and fair music at the beach. Oh, and don’t forget the old songs that play on the many radios scattered around Columbia!

Guacamelee made me exercise the muscles of my fingers to the beat of Mexican music. The theme of the luchadores is very well presented with trumpets and expressive guitars. A great touch was the hush and calm music as we move into the realm of the dead!

Continuing with the thematic soundtracks, Full Mojo Rampage ensures the feeling that we are in contact with the entities of Voodoo, the Loas. Whether by closing portals or in search of ingredients, the roll of drums and demonic laughter persecute us during our quest for power.

In party mode and shout, Hearthstone songs help to create an environment of fun and bonding with orcs, elves and dwarves, during a card game that will be repeated many more times .

The gameplay or visual art can always leave us satisfied, but a good soundtrack  follows us, even after of the game.


The following video is Bioshock Infinite Premiere trailer, in which you can get the style of its soundtrack:


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