Give me that old time reviewer – Hero of the Kingdom

This time, the game I’ve reviewed is called Hero of the Kingdom.

Know your reviewer!

Hero of the Kingdom was developed by Lonely Troops.

First thing we should say is that this game isn’t your daily dose of adrenaline.

It’s a role-play point-and-click adventure, focused in the story and with many characters, items and places.
It’s a calm paced game with visuals that reminds you of Age of Empires.

The story of the game is the kind of narrative that you might have read for a couple of times.
There are different side-quests and ways to grow your character. By finishing them, you’ll be getting achievements and items, mostly, that will help you to reach the end of the story easily, and, of course, the feeling that you’re getting deeper in the world that surrounds you.

The music and the sounds effects are enjoyable, in a world where few things move and the images dissapear and reapear in order to show the progress of the tale.

It took me no more than 3 hours to make all the side-quests and finish the game, with a couple of gathering achivements to do.

It was nice to play it, but it’s nothing that you haven’t played, for sure, in a bigger rpg.

Hero of the Kingdom is available for PC (Windows).


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