A thing or two about Diablo III

I’m still playing this game! Here’s a loose reason why and what makes me most upset while doing it.

Ok, I finished the traditional campaign and the expansion of the game, with all the different characters, even in extreme modes of difficulty. So, what makes me return? Hardcore characters.

For those who are not familiar with Diablo III, you can place you character, during character creation, either as, or not, seasonal or hardcore.

As seasonal, you’ll compete against other seasonal characters in a leaderboard, and these characters will be erased in the end of the current season.

As hardcore, if your character dies, it dies for good. For me it isn’t a setting of difficulty, but of role-playing! Facing the beasts of hell gets more interesting when a potion can become your best friend, or that fast casting of a healing spell.

Unfortunately, I prefer to play on the pc, where it isn’t safe to play with hardcore characters, unless you can garante the quality of your Internet connection. Most of my deceased hardcore characters were killed by a carrion bat, due to a break of connectivity. And so, my Hall of Heroes lies corrupted by painfull and miserable deaths.

It’s Tyrael, on the Reaper of Souls trailer!

Still, thanks to the PS3 version, I find the strength to create another hardcore female monk, called Panda, to bring Pandamonium!


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