fill your lungs with air for a battlecry

Ready for pvp action? You won’t need drums to announce your arrival.

Being developed by BattleCry Studious, BATTLECRY promises to be an intense online pvp action combat team-based game.

Re-imagining the end of the 20th century, The Black Powder Treaty brought a golden age of industrial manufacturing and design. Now, war as we know has changed due to technological advancements.

3 interesting factions, the Imperial Marines, the Cossack Empire and the Han Republic, with 5 different classes, Enforcer Gadgeteer, Brawler, Infiltrator and Ranger, and up to 6 special abilities, each, are the ingredients for this world of ritualized combat, only resolved by chosen champions.

By joining the ranks of the elite team of a faction, you’ll find yourself on 12 vs 12, or 6 vs 6 player battles, in different maps and gameplay modes.

Survive through these intense environments with unique or changeable weapons, while fully customizing your warrior of this new and captivating world.

Watch the E3 2015 gameplay trailer below.

You can already sign up for the BATTLECRY Beta available this year.


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