boost your level with the new xbox wireless controller

The new Xbox Elite Wireless Controller is built strong and customizable to the way you play.

As shown during Microsoft E3 2015 Conference, Xbox Elite Wireless Controller is a controller set to meet the needs of competitive players. It’s designed to adapt to your style of play, giving you the decision of how to use the controller to your advantage.Xbox Elite Wireless Controller2It’s heavier and a lot more focused on having what you need to go to the next level of your gameplay. An App available to Xbox One and Windows 10 will let you assign any of the 14 inputs. You can create different controller profiles, and store 2 into the controller, so you can play and change between them with a built-in Profile Switch. It also gives you more control while playing by offering 4 slots for paddles and hair trigger locks, to enable speed while shooting.Xbox Elite Wireless Controller4Besides the high quality controller body, it comes also with 3 different sets of thumbstick clicks, 2 sets of D-Pad triggers and 2 sets of paddles. Each for a need that you might had, depending if you’re sniping opponents or maybe racing.Xbox Elite Wireless ControllerIt looks strong and it looks perfect, freeing you from the limitations of other controllers. With this, you can decide your way to play, several times and for different games. I’ll be looking forward to it.

You can watch some more tricks and features of it on the video below.

Xbox Elite Wireless Controller will be available on October, this year.


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