Xbox One backward compatibility

On E3 2015, Microsoft revealed a new feature for their home console: backward compatibility.

For many, this announcement helped Microsoft to re-launch the Xbox One, by transmitting the idea to try the big and diverse Xbox games list. For players that didn’t had the chance, previously, it’s an interesting idea. Buy an Xbox One and you’ll be able to keep up with the new gaming content, and with the acclaimed games for Xbox 360.

The games run on an Xbox One through an emulation program, a software version of an Xbox 360. It works with either with disc-based and digital games you own.

It’s a free feature, which Preview Members have already access to some of the games, and it’ll be available to all, later this year. The list of games available will keep growing, and if you don’t own one of the games available, either disc-based or digitally, you can always buy it on the Xbox Store.

As a PlayStation, Nintendo portable and PC player, I never had the chance to play games like Gears of War or Halo. With this new feature, I’m inclined, like many others, to finally discover this famous part of the gaming industry, where I only set foot for lan parties and local co-op missions.

You can watch an interview to a member of the Xbox Platform Team, about the backward compatibility, below.


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