Humble Bundle is releasing a monthly box of digital games

Do you feel you’re passing on some good games, due to the focus of the media on the latest AAA game or because you just aren’t searching well enough? Humble Bundle created a monthly subscription of a bundle with their favorite games for you to enjoy.

Do you know Loot Crate or even Nerd Block? Those monthly subscribed boxes that bring to your home the joys of toys and all kinds of merchandise of you favorite comics, tv series, movies, video games and/ or books? Humble Bundle got you covered on digital video games in a similar business model.

The first Humble Monthly will be available on November 6th for all those who paid the subscription. Once you pay the subscription, you’ll instantly get a copy of Legend of Grimrock 2.

The subscription is $12 per month, and you won’t be able to know the rest of the bundle, besides the game you get once you finish your subscription, until 11:00 am PST of the first Friday of each month. The games are said to be playable on Steam for Windows, with a possibility for other systems

Besides getting games from $12 all months, with the possibility to cancel your subscription anytime, 5% of the subscription goes to support charity.

There’s no telling of the quantity, quality or even the compatibility of the games (besides Windows). Also, if the bundle brings a digital game you already own in your Humble Bundle account, it won’t give you an additional copy, since that’s a common thing with all the other different bundles.

You can watch the video of the new bundle type below.


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