Mumbling at the Humble Monthly Bundle

A slight groan towards the different questions that this new bundle from Humble brought up.

When websites like Humble Bundle, GOG, Bundle Stars or Indie Gala came up, I look at them as an easy and better way to get my video games digitally.

If you think of the digital, there are logical reasons for any player to refuse to become dependent of online purchases and online accounts:

If the digital service ends, most certainly, your access to your games disappears with it;

If your online account that manages your games gets deleted, outdated, pirated or banned you’ll need to try to revert the situation, which sometimes is irreversible;

Most of the time, digital games are priced as equal as a physical game, even after a long time since its release.

These are always some of my fears when I deal in the digital world to acquire new video games.

But these websites aren’t just selling you the new indie games with prices that sometimes can rival a Steam Sale. GOG has a variety of old games that they make sure it will be working on your rig, plus they’re DRM-Free, meaning these games don’t have copy protection nor online checks. And then there’s the Humble that offers a pack of video games with the business model that you pay what you want (with some rules of availability applied to some minimums) and the fact you can choose how much of what you paid will go to Humble, Developers or charity.

With the existence of many ways to buy your favorite video games, it’s amazing to have the feeling that you can make your choices on either buy your games from the lowest price available or make a difference for you or the market with your purchases.

When Humble presented Humble Monthly something is not right, or something is amiss.

By purchasing a mystery box, without knowing the quantity, quality or compatibility of the games they’re offering, you’re rejecting a smart purchase, something it should be done with time and knowledge of the other offers existing in the market. You’re putting your trust, and money, on their side, solely hoping the bundle will be a great deal for you. An then there’s the fact that if you already own one of the games, you’ll end up with one less game. No extra copy, as they say. And a company that at the end of the day needs to make money can’t be always on the side of the customer.

It took a long path to teach the markets that a customer is not an animal of instincts, but a creature that can think of the best strategies to use his earnings the best way he pretends to use them.

Only after the first, or maybe with the second, Humble Monthly release can we understand what we can expect from Humble with this business model, and therefor I need to say that I already subscribed to the first mystery box.

Either way, the Bundle is a great opportunity for people starting their digital library on Humble, but even then, only after the first releases can we truly say or believe in that.



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