The sting from the heart of thorns

I really liked Guild Wars 2, but a great game won’t hide the pain caused by unfriendly consumer policies.

Think of an online game you bought when it came out. Now, imagine that the game will get an expansion. During its lifetime, the game went free-to-play, but still, in someways, you have benefits from buying it. You were a customer that bought their product, what they have been working on. The expansion comes out, but you see something weird. You can’t buy the expansion only. Once you buy the expansion, you’re also buying the original game. Again.

Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns came out on October 23rd and, even if I really want to go get a Guild Hall or fight the mysteries in the jungle, I can’t find a reason to buy it, as a fan of Guild Wars 2 and a player of the game.

The idea of a bundle is common and well thought for new players, but what about veterans? A character slot for the fact you bought the game twice? That said, it basically means¬†that you should have waited until now to buy the game. You shouldn’t have bought their game. It’s really weird to see something like this happening.

It’s not that I’m saying they should give me a refund, but clearly what I want is either buy solely the expansion, obviously with a price lower than the bundle, or better in-game rewards, rather than a character slot for the full price game or bundle.

It’s simply not fair for the people that believed and played their game, to find that their support and dedication is not welcomed.


3 thoughts on “The sting from the heart of thorns

  1. My thoughts exactly. They aren’t thinking about their existing players. They just want to talk the free players into buying and it’s not fair to the rest of us.

    1. Unfortunately, it seems that they won’t change their opinion. Their reaction to our complaints was already answered with their “additional character slot” for those who pre-ordered the expansion. It really hurts since I really wanted to play it with some friends.

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