Final Fantasy VII Remake is getting weird

You known, it’s only the most known Final Fantasy game. All of us are counting for the best, but…

I’ve grown up with all my friends saying amazing things about Final Fantasy VII. I never finished it because I’ve got difficulties on paying attention in a turn-based combat game (even though I love Pokémon).

Of course, when Sony and Square Enix presented Final Fantasy VII Remake, during E3 2015, everyone smiled! Those who played it and those who didn’t. But what did that mean? New graphics? New gameplay? New stories?

The trailer only revealed a Square Enix cinematic video we all know to be very different of the visuals in the games. At least until Final Fantasy XV comes out!

Tetsuya Nomura is directing this remake and some of the original developers are on board the project.

During PlayStation Experience 2015, a new trailer of the game was revealed, showing updates of the cinematics, gameplay and graphics.

In a press release by Square Enix, at PSX 2015, Final Fantasy VII Remake “will be told across a multi-part series, with each entry providing its own unique experience.” So, probably, the game will be episodic?

Square Enix used this business model recently with Life is Strange, by DONTNOD Entertainmentdividing and releasing the game in 5 episodes. The first episode was released on January 30th and the last one came out October 20th, this year, with a mostly regular 2 month gap between them.

There are some more changes in plan for the game, if the change of the gameplay wasn’t that clear enough, but they still want to make Final Fantasy VII recognizable in the final product.

It’s a remake, but it seems focused for the actual gaming community. I think that’s a great thing if the quality and enjoyable features are the main objective. But there’s monetization, right?

Life is Strange Episode 1 is €4,99/ $4.99/ £3.99, with all the episodes being €19,99/ $19.99/ £15.99. What about FF VII Remake? Will it be something different or a firm upfront price wall? Will the episodes be released regularly?

Final Fantasy VII Remake is still declared as coming soon, so we might have to wait to understand more about its details.

If you want to play the “original” Final Fantasy VII, it is available for PC, PlayStation, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 4 and iOS.


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