Experience strong emotions in this unique game

We’ve been playing some interesting experiences, lately. I hope this one manages to deliver its message to the players in the best way possible.

That Dragon, Cancer is not the kind of video game we look at expecting to punch or shoot our way through. There will be plenty of emotions, thoughts and events to listen to and interpret.

The story behind it is kind of a sensible one, something most of us aren’t looking to play through, at least not lightly. But I expect that we’ll learn all about it with the help of an impressive gameplay.

The game had a Kickstarter campaign successfully backed by 3,687 people.

You’ll discover the life of a boy that fought against a cancer for 4 years, in the style of a 3D point-and-click adventure game. The purpose is not to solve puzzles and mysteries, but to be present in each moment.

The visuals seem to be perfect to create a mood for interpretation and focus on the lives of the boy and his family.


You can watch the trailer below.

That Dragon, Cancer will be available for PC, Forge TV and OUYA on January 12th.


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