Even the PC pursues a Dragon’s Dogma

A new adventure is available for the PC, as the dragon returns to the land. Will you help this world to survive from its destruction?

In Dragon’s Dogma, you are called as Arisen, a powerful human that can call upon pawns from rifts that connect your world (your game) with other players.

You can enlist up to 3 pawns to help in your journey. Like you, they can be specialized in close combat, range combat or spell casting.

You can also choose up to 3 ways of how to play your class, giving it a bit of the other class potential, if you wish.

There are a lot of monsters and you’ll need to fight them to become stronger.

The narrative is interesting, but the open-world will mostly distract you.

The expansion Dark Arisen continues the story right after the end of the main game.

The game mix the feeling of a Monster Hunter game and a Witcher game: each battle against an enemy is frenetic, and, the bigger the enemy, the most is the need to take it down!


The combat is the jewel of this game. Forget the RPG’s that make you shoot or bash against a wall. Dragon’s Dogma encourages you to get physical: throw explosives, dodge, grab the monsters and throw them, too, grab the back or the tusks of a cyclops and give it all you got.

Of course, the original game is from 2012, and it was re-released in 2013 with the expansion, so don’t expect an updated visual.

But since it reached the PC community, you can easily find some mods to upgrade visuals, or whatever you feel like changing.

Dragon’s Dogma and the bundle with the expansion Dark Arisen are available for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, but only the bundle with the expansion is available for PC.


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