Welcome back, Commander!

There are X-COM games since 1994. But I think the new XCOM 2 is here to blow your mind. At least, if you don’t take care against the resident aliens.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown from 2012 was great. A nice revival of a great series of games. Its expansion, Enemy Within gave us what we needed.

And now we have XCOM 2, that plans to give us the best content, adding some space for the community to mod the game, as well some mods from Long War Studios, the ones behind the great Long War mod for XCOM: Enemy Unknown.


The Unification Day happened 20 years ago. Humanity is now ruled under the order of the aliens that invaded Earth back in XCOM: Enemy Unknown. A secret organization, XCOM, tried to stop the invasion, but failed.

Now, you’re called once more: XCOM lives!

You’re now the resistance against an established and cruel alien government. Do your best to take over key objectives, while igniting a global resistance.

Familiar and new aliens will try to take you down, for good, as well as the ADVENT, enforcers of the alien regime.

In XCOM 2, since you’re rising up from the shadows, you’ll be able to use a concealment mechanic to successfully ambush enemy units. You’ll be able to loot enemy corpses, research, build and upgrade weapons, armors and rooms on the Avenger, a previous alien suplly craft converted into XCOM headquarters.

XCOM 2 also features a great and enjoyable soldier customization, with the ability to import custom characters.

There are also 3 mods available for free, since launch, from Long War Studios: SMG series Weapon Mod, Muton Centurion Mod and XCOM Leader mod.

You can watch the trailer below.

XCOM 2 is now available for PC.


6 thoughts on “Welcome back, Commander!

  1. X-Com 2 really does look quite exciting, and I really enjoyed Enemy Unknown/Within. The additional customisation looks attractive, but it always made me get too attached to my soldiers. It was heartbreaking when my favourite Heavy Col. Nibbles had his head blown off…

    1. Those criticals…
      I love when they let me customize my mortal soldiers. On Enemy Unknown I always love to carry 2 snipers. Recently, my favourite pro sniper and a young one went to what seemed an easy mission, with a support and scouts. 3 Muttons came out of nowhere, blasted the pro sniper and support in a second. The rest of the crew managed to survive, but those deaths made me feel uneasy and responsible.

      1. Ah man right in the feels, those mutons were a real pain when I first encountered them, but when the heavy floaters started ambushing me… It felt good to blast ’em right between the eyes with a well placed pro sniper with a plasma weapon 😀 (my snipers have been lucky so far, I hope they stay that way because they’re my favourites!)

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