What Sorcery is this?

Do you remember those game books where you were the hero and there was a whole adventure waiting for you? You can now play it on your mobile device or PC!

A story where you decide what to do and face your destiny. Cast dozens of spells, fight a lot of creatures and help or steal characters during your adventure. What will you do in the land of Kakhabad?


Sorcery! has already 2 parts released, with 2 more promised until the end of the year.

Part 1 takes you to Shamutanti Hills and part 2 puts you in the Cityport of Kharé for epic adventures in a beautiful 3d hand-drawn map.

It’s based on the Fighting Fantasy game books by Steve Jackson.

Each part available can be played on their own or you can load your previous character, with all your equipment, stats and decisions taken, from part 1 to part 2.

You can watch the trailer below.

Sorcery! is available for PC and Mobile (Android and iOS).


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