Keep the forests clean, please!

Delve into the wilderness, face whatever is happening and keep in contact. Delilah will want to hear from you.

Firewatch has been in the mouth of so many people, like energetic kids waiting in line, and now we’re able to explore it all.

There are a lot of things to point out: Its beautiful music and visuals, the relationship going on and the ability to leave your mark.


What is the game about? Mostly build up your relationship with Delilah, the only person you can speak with, while in the wilderness.

Of course, there’s something happening at the same time, on the same forest. There are people missing and someone seems to be messing around.

You’ll be able to explore the world outside of your lookout tower, tackle some questions and “making interpersonal choices that can “build or destroy the only meaningful relationship you have.

You can watch a 2015 trailer below.

Firewatch is available for PC and PlayStation 4.


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