Super Smash Bros. is complete!

The Nintendo Wii U and 3DS Super Smash Bros. have finally reached its total potential, with 58 characters and 84 stages!

It must be a dream, having so much content for one of the most amazing action-fighting games.


Super Smash Bros. was initially released for the Nintendo 64. It reigned over Gamecube as Melee. Then, it brought joy for the Wii players as Brawl. Now, it shines brightly on the Wii U and does a nice job on the 3DS.

It features 58 different characters, all with their respective amiibo figure, and 84 stages.

There are 7 characters (Bayonetta, Corrin, Cloud, Ryu, Roy, Lucas, Mewtwo) and 5 stages ( Super Mario Maker, Peach’s Castle, Hyrule Castle, Dream Land and Pirate Ship) as DLC.

The Mii Fighters have also 99 outfits and 97 hats to choose from, for customization.


Of course, there are some differences between the 2 versions:

On the Wii U only, you’re able to post replays on Youtube, adjust how often your favorite song plays, face some themed challenges and play with more 7 players.

On the 3DS only, you can play StreetSmash, a StreetPass based game mode, or Smash Run, where you have 5 minutes to show your best and boost your stats.

The 3DS version has also a different visual, with black lines on the borders of the characters for a better contrast.

On the Wii U you can play however you want: With the Wii U GamePad, Wii Remote Plus, Wii Remote Plus + Nunchuk, Wii Classic Pro Controler, Wii U Pro Controller or Nintendo Gamecube Controller.

You can watch the Nintendo final presentation video for Super Smash Bros., below.

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS is available for Nintendo 3DS, 2DS and New Nintendo 3DS and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U is available for Nintendo Wii U.


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