Dreaming with Five Nights at Freedy’s World?

These games gave us some nightmares, specially the 4th, as well as some interesting theories. Now, you can visit the FNaF universe in a cute RPG.

Five Nights at Freedy’s exists since 2014. All the 4 main games came out earlier than expected, scared us and got a lot of attention.

The developer revealed, after the last one, that an RPG featuring the characters would be released this year.

The game, Five Nights at Freedy’s World came out, showing a cute and colorful world, with turn-based combat.

Unfortunately, this time, the game came out too early, revealing lack of content, supposed to have. The creator, Scott Cawthon, pulled out the game, refunding all buyers.

Now, the game is back, and free!

This first updated version of the game features a remodeled overworld, as it was desired by the fans, and other new features. There is also the promise of more updates.

The game has 40 playable characters, multiple endings and difficulties.


It’s time to stop being afraid of the animatronics and embrace their power to restore a troubled digital world. Do it in this game and not in the previous.

You can watch the trailer below.

Five Nights at Freedy’s World is available for PC.


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