For every Rick there’s a pocket size morty

Rick and Morty face their biggest adventure: Catching and defeating a lot of weird Mortys. Gotta control them all, Morty!

The Multiverse is stained by a new violent practice: Fights with Mortys.

Pocket Mortys remake a Pokémon game in the Rick and Morty universe. All your favorite characters are there, using Mortys to defeat opponents and specially Rick.

You’ll play as the true Rick (at least, the one from your dimension) with the true Morty. You ended up getting stuck in a loop of portals to different universes, defeating weird aliens just to show to the Ricks of those dimensions who has the better Mortys.

Collect enough badges from those Ricks and you’ll be able to fight against a member of the Council of Ricks. Defeat them all and you’ll get your portal gun back .

screen640x640 (1)

There are over 70 Mortys to collect, which some of them you can combine together, for better Mortys, and lvl up!

I love Pokémon games, but, sometimes, the feeling of repetition hits me. Pocket Mortys managed to get me interested in its simplicity and back into the Pokémon adventures.

You can watch the trailer below.

It’s free, with no multiplayer, at the moment, with some microtransactions to speed up your adventure.

Pocket Mortys is available for Android and iOS.


4 thoughts on “For every Rick there’s a pocket size morty

    1. I don’t know how many hours I have in this, by now. But I’ve been playing it, every morning, while on the bus for 2 weeks. It’s so good I watched the 2 seasons of Rick and Morty just to understand all the references.

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