Splatoon is getting an intense Splatfest

A new epic Splatfest is coming. Get ready to ink for your favorite version: Pokémon Red or Blue! Don’t worry, we’ll use hydro pumps to clean all the mess, later.

Splatfest is a regular event that occurs in the game Splatoon.

During the Splatfest, every Inkling can pick one of two different thematic teams. Pick it at the Splatfest booth in the plaza. You’ll then get a t-shirt to reveal which side you’re on.

To show your love of your team, you should fight in Turf War Battles (4v4 battle mode).

The winner team is decided from team popularity (number of members) and wins.


In the end, Inklings are rewarded, with their performance in case, with Super Sea Snails, an item used to enhanced your gear. Just give them to Spyke.

This time, the Splatfest theme is part of the Pokémon 20th Anniversary celebrations.

On Oceania, Europe and North America the choice is simple: Red or Blue!

On Japan: Red or Green!

Pokémon Red was my first pokémon game. I managed to get the Blue Version,too, but, ironically, it fell into a puddle. I still have my Red Version besides me, after 18 years, with a 100 lvl Mewtwo and Staryu!

By the way, are you a Boy, a Girl, a Kid or a Squid?

Splatoon is available for the Wii U.


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