Shoot lasers with Slippy’s cameras

On 2014, Shigeru Myamoto presented on E3 a different Star Fox game, which now we know it’s Star Fox Guard.

Grippy, Slippy’s Uncle, has a mining company that gathers rare metals in space.

He’s being attacked by all kind of enemies and he needs help. With the new Slippy’s invention, you’ll have 12 laser shooting cameras to place all around the mining facility and track down the bad guys.

You’ll have the ability to control one camera and shoot while being able to watch all the different cameras perspective.


This tower defense game will give you around 100 missions but you can customize the localization and time patterns of the enemies. Then, you can share these configurations online so other players can play your levels.

The online mode is a great way to acquire more precious metals.

A Star Fox Zero: Special First Print Edition will be available with both Star Fox Zero and Star Fox Guard and a Star Fox Zero Steelbook case.


Star Fox Guard will be available for Wii U (digital) on April 22nd.


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