You’ll be shooting for the stars

Star Fox Zero and a little extra were explained in the latest Nintendo Direct.

A Nintendo Direct is always a time to celebrate everything Nintendo.

This time, Shigeru Myamoto, Nintendo Game Producer, explained all about one of the most expected games for the Wii UStar Fox Zero.

The plot and structure of the game are the same of the Star Fox 64 game for the Nintendo 64, but the narrative and the maps arrangement are completely new.

During the game you’ll be discovering portals that will play a key role in the unfolding of the narrative and will influence the ramifications of the maps.

This means that you’ll have, most of the time, an alternative path that will lead you to a new end of the same level you were playing. Sometimes you’ll be fighting bosses you’ve never saw! You’ll then be brought to the main map of the galaxy where new routes will be available.

Once you completed the Venom level on the normal game mode, new alternative paths will be available for you to play.


Star Wolf and his team will be quite the challenge, since they will appear unexpectedly, in any route of the main map.

There will be a 2 players co-op mode, where one can use the Wii U GamePad to shoot at your enemies while another player, using the Nintendo Wii U Pro Controller, can pilot the Arwing. The possible exclusive need of the Nintendo Wii U Pro Controller for the second player is yet to be revealed.


And you can tap your Amiibo to customize your game. If you use the Star Fox Super Smash Bros. Amiibo you’ll unlock the original Arwing from Star Fox for the SNES. New rewards and the list of compatible Amiibos are yet to be revealed.

A Special First Print Edition will be available with both Star Fox Zero and Star Fox Guard and a Star Fox Zero Steelbook case.


You can watch a trailer below.

Star Fox Zero will be available for the Wii U (physical and digital) on April 22nd.


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