The Merchant

It’s no story of a lost astronaut in a distant planet, but of the struggles of a merchant to keep is store running.

Welcome to your own fantasy store! Merchant is a mobile game where you’ll be able to gather, craft and sell your products and buy some items from wandering travelers.

It’s a free game with some micro-transaction, between €1,09 to €3,39 in-game purchases. You can watch an advertisement to get some extra gold for free.

Right from the start, you’ll be able to choose from 3 hero classes to gather ingredients for you. In a couple of moments, they’ll arrive with their quest fulfilled and you can use the ingredients to craft items, using 5 trades (blacksmith, armorsmith, woodworker, clothworker and alchemist).

You may sell them or equip your heroes, since the quests are mostly fights against monsters. There are also rare monsters and bosses, with familiar names, that may need more than 1 hero to be a successful battle.

You’ll need to buy extra slots of your inventory if you intend to widen your trading.

The waiting for the completion of the tasks is mostly reasonable. The game is perfect to be played during short breaks.

Merchant is available for Mobile (Android).


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