A Little of What You Fancy Does You Good – Ghost of Sparta

I love that video games aren’t only tied to screens. Take a look at these small representations of the famous butcher of gods!

Our little Sackboy wasn’t always a happy face! After being deceived by the Cushion of War, Sackboy went in an epic journey. You can imagine this adventure with this Kratos Sackboy figure:


This Kratos Sackboy 5.25” tall figure comes with 2 swords that can fit in both hands or in his back.

But, if you prefer the real deal, here’s a 7” scale action figure of Kratos!


It comes with 6 accessories, including 2 flaming Blades of Athena, 2 Cestus gauntlets and 2 interchangeable head sculpts. Featuring 30 points of articulation and a great aesthetic this figure is ready to battle!

It also comes with a collector-friendly window box packaging with an opening flap, suitable for those of you that prefer this merchandise safe.

Both this figures are from NECA – National Entertainment Collectibles Association.


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