Stretch your paws on your PS4

You know this is a simulator, but you can finally be a cat. Everybody wants to be a cat!

A little cat, Nippy, inspired some people to create a “first-person destructive cat simulator“. You can now play and wreck your owner’s home from the perspective of a fast and agile cat.

Choose from almost 22 cats to bring ruin to more places than just a cozy and defenseless home.

The game has already released for PC, OUYA and RazerForgeTV. The PlayStation 4 version contains all of the content of the Steam version, plus a new event at the Disco, where even your controller dances along.


It seems they’re working on a new feature, that might be available in a month or so. What could it be?

Catlateral Damage is already available for PC, OUYA, Razer ForgeTV and PlayStation 4 (in North America).

The European version for the PlayStation 4 it’s supposed to come out soon.


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