The Weave of my Banner – Shadow of Mordor

Meet RichardBlackEye as a ranger, facing an unlimited army of uruks. But do not fear, this one has the ability to walk among caragors!

What should I know about The Weave of RichardBlackEye’s Banner?

This post is a role-playing view of my gameplay of a video game, with references that might spoil the narrative for you, if you haven’t played the game.


Of course the uruks would have 3 captains protecting a warchief! So, how can I defeat 4 great warriors and a whole army of orcs, that continue to call more soldiers to kill the damned ranger?

Right after a quick encounter against these maniacs, thirsty for my blood, and a small Uruk army, I climb up, so I can use the buildings and ruins for my advantage.

With just a bunch of arrows, I start using the help of Celebrimbor’s wraith vision to scatter the place for campfires or explosive barrels. But I find more than that!

This whole stronghold has an enormous amount of caged caragors and caragor’s bait. So I make up my mind to use the caragors as allies! The creatures storm the place, wrecking the vicious orcs that are either screaming and bashing their swords on the savage beasts or running cowardly.

I take my time to inspect the movements of the warchief. As soon as I see him retreating from my deadly trap, I follow him from the rooftops and wrecked walls. When he passes the gates, I launch myself unto him for the blow. After that, I leave the caragors to finish the job.

Honestly, after such great help from these creatures in the past, I started releasing any caged animal that I find, hoping they would be hungry for the flesh of their captors.

Only when I’m completely obligated do I subjugate these creatures. I never dare to use my wraith powers against them, nor my sword, bow or dagger.

Later on, I realized that these acts have lead to some situations that I find to be entertaining and helpful.

Once, as I tried taking down some uruks in melee combat, a caragor showed up right beside me, running into what I thought it would be me, but ended up being the legs of an attacking orc. I stood there looking at the creature attacking the orcs that were around me, but never me. I joined him, and, a few moments later, we died in that same spot. Oh, well. I would get revived again, but that caragor…

My last assault against the uruk menace, involving caragors, began with me running against 15 orcs, leading 3 beasts to what turned to be the best plan ever.


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