The Beginning of the Rift

I hope you’re ready for the future of video games, because the possibility to enter new “physical” worlds by yourself is right next door.

So it begins. We’ve been talking about it since 2012, imagining what it would be and what we would do with it. The Oculus Rift consumer versions will be delivered on March 28 for the first VR customers, pioneers of a new age.

Fortunately, they won’t be testing this new gadget with just demos or short experiences. A whole pack of video games for VR are available on the same day, 30 to be exact:

Adr1ft, an immersive first-person experience of an astronaut in peril, in space;

Adventure Time: Magic Man’s Head Games, this one is already out, waiting for you to show another 3rd-person adventure with Finn and Jake;

AirMech: Commandan action strategy game adapted for VR with transforming robots;

Albino Lullaby, a strange psychological horror game waiting for you to visit the demented;

Audio Arena, a rhythmic shoot ’em up on a 360º arena for you to dodge and shoot at the sound of music;

Bank Limit: Advanced Battle Racinga racing game that plans to give more than just racing, along with the VR;

Blazerushan arcade survival racing game, on 3rd-person, with a lot to play with friends;

Chronosan adventure RPG where you’ll be exploring a labyrinth with the time against you;

Darknet, a puzzle and strategy game waiting for you to hack the Cyberspace;

Dead Secret, discover the story behind a dead man’s bizarre life and escape while you can;

Defense Grid 2 Enhanced VR Editiona tower-defense strategy game designed for a more intuitive and immersive experience;

Dreadhallsa horror dungeon crawler waiting to test your courage to find the exit while breathing;

Elite Dangerous, travel across the galaxies that are expecting you to face danger with a smile, in this multiplayer ever-evolving RPG;

Esper 2what are you waiting for to be an ESPR agent? Solve puzzles across the globe and use your telekinetic powers to stop the plan of a mischievous villain;

EVE Gunjack, an action shooter, developed for virtual reality. Just anything that moves;

EVE Valkyrie, explore the regions of New Eden, with Solo and Co-operative PVE modes, battling throughout the cosmos from EVE universe;

Fly to Kuma, a VR puzzle game where you’ll help the Kuma to reach their goal;

Herobound SC, lead a little goblin through an action adventure game, in a quest to save the world;

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, get ready to defuse the bomb, now in VR;

Lucky’s Talea platforming adventure game with a colorful world, ready for the little fox, Lucky;

Omega Agent, an Open World city is waiting for a new agent to try on the new prototype nuclear-powered jetpack;

Pinball FX2 VR, an immersive VR experience of Pinball;

Project Cars, an immersive technically-advanced racing game;

Radial G, prepare to race on unique tracks that allow you to spin around the course;

Roomssolve the puzzle behind a vanished mansion while sliding rooms and using different gadgets;

Shufflepuck Cantina Deluxe VRget ready to face the masters of air hockey in a forsaken planet casino;

Smashing the Battle, evade and smash the rogue robots while listening to 2 different stories;

The Vanishing of Ethan Carteras a VR experience. A first-person mystery game;

Vektron Revenge, an old school style shooter for you to beat the highest score while dodging and destroying enemies in a 360º environment;

Windlandsa first-person exploring game with the use of a grappling hook while uncovering the secrets of an ancient world.

Of course, remind yourself that some of these games aren’t free. This is a new gaming platform, a new market, and, even if you paid a lot for your Oculus Rift, some of these games cost the same as a console game.


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