Let Yourself Adr1ft!

Don’t get too nervous, don’t panic and do not scream! Calm yourself. You’re in space. There’s work to do.

Space. The final frontier. A small step for players but a great step for a studio.

Adr1ft is Gravity or that moment from The Martian, and I compare it with movies because it resembles what you would expect from one, but now you are the main character, in virtual flesh and bones.

You’ll need to fight to stay alive, overcome the challenges of a harsh environment, so you can return home as the last survivor of a destroyed space station.

There’s also a collector’s edition that brings two codes for Adr1ft (VR and non-VR), 756-piece jigsaw puzzle (randomly chosen design), astronaut ice cream and a space station patch.


Why not take your time to read this wonderful comic book from IMAGE COMICS: Adr1ft comic.

Let yourself also fall in love with the trailer below.

Adr1ft is already available for PC and Oculus Rift.


3 thoughts on “Let Yourself Adr1ft!

  1. I cannot wait to play this. Sadly I do not own an Oculus Rift headset, or the powerful PC that it would require, to play the game just yet. I’m going to wait for the console edition before I jump in I guess.

    So I can have panic attacks.

      1. I’m playing it safe with VR for now. As much as it excites me that VR will be coming to PlayStation, I want to be sure it’s something that will be around for some time. My worry is that it will go the way of other PS peripherals.

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