When it comes to business, the time you choose to develop, reveal or distribute your product is very important. And so it happens in the video games market.

Video games that remain in the minds of all players, like Minecraft, DOOM, World of Warcraft, Undertale, DayZ, Portal, Dark Souls or The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, are all games that came in a fertile moment when the demand is greater than supply, this means when people are looking for something in a video game and few games available can offer it properly.

P.T. meant Playable Teaser, but that didn’t turned off those who played the demo from desiring the proper final game from Guillermo Del Toro and Hideo Kojima with Norman Reedus and Junji Ito. Though the teaser was for Silent Hills, there is no way to know how the game would be, only how it was meant to feel.

The game was cancelled without a proper explanation, or an acceptable one. So, because of this, the demand for something similar increased exponentially. Of course, since this is a business, others tried to fill the gap that Silent Hills couldn’t.

Layers of Fear, Abductions, Allison Road, Kitchen and Visage are what you might call “Descendants of P.T.”. These games are trying to offer a complete experience of what the players of P.T. desired for. We can’t say that they’re trying to substitute Silent Hills, but we can say they’re using the drifting desire that P.T. left behind.

Is that bad? I mean, is it immoral? In my opinion, of course not. Sure, they don’t need to appeal for the demand of their games, they’ll win some easy money from those who want it the moment the games come out, but they’re trying to give what people want, and that, for me, is a good thing.

I remember an interview where Hideo Kojima said he didn’t want to do anything similar to P.T. or in the same tone. This decision is reasonable since the proper time to do it has passed. They had the upper hand. Right after it became available, new games based on it began its development. Of course, if he decided to continue where they left it, it probably would sell, but mostly because of the names behind it, even though I believe it would sell, looking at how the other games are going.

layers of fear

Layers of Fear was released for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The press gave it high reviews, like most players. But, besides the narrative and a more complex household, which are great, the game focused too much on what P.T. offered.

With the mechanic behind opening doors and facing whatever lies ahead, images flickering and a ghastly woman, they didn’t brought anything more than a proper narrative to a demo.


Abductions plans to mix some alien activity while you explore an not-so-empty house. There’s little to now about this game, but from its trailer you can see where the base idea came from.

Allison road

Allison Road was the most promising offspring. Even though it focused highly in its forefather, mostly than the others, that might had been its best characteristic. It would mostly take place inside the house.

It had a Kickstarter that they cancelled because they were going to work with Team17. Unfortunately, on June 5th, the official twitter account revealed that the development had been cancelled. More information to be revealed.

Kitchen is… a tech demo for Project Morpheus, the PlayStation VR headset. There are no images or videos of the game, only reports of those who experienced it on E3 2015. The idea is to create something like P.T . in Virtual Reality.


Visage tells you that each death has it visage, or face. I think it means that the game pretends to give more than just one entity looking for you while you try to escape from a house with a dark past written in every room. Most of the events will be randomly activated, while you can interact with everything.

Visage had its own Kickstarter campaign funded, and it’s planned to be released on January, 2017.

Truth be told, these games are mostly based in a playable teaser. A teaser for a video game. I think that they’re looking too much at what they can do to enhance an already powerful demo, rather than focusing on a game that can be created from this demo.

The demo presented you with high visual quality and a dark setting, a supernatural creature and a thread of the narrative. This was P.T..

P.T. was set on a room and these games are promising a house to explore. Amnesia: The Dark Descent gave you a mansion. Let’s see if they’ll be successful or if they’ll try to create something more than P.T..


2 thoughts on “TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE

  1. Silent Hills was the last game I was ever truly, truly excited about. Terrible that these days you can’t trust a release date or even the promise of a release itself.

    1. I’m with you. I’m always looking for the day that a game pops out on the shelves so I can truly believe it’s a complete game and not a concept or an idea. And even this has become less and less true.

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