E3 2016: A sweet and welcomed breeze

It’s seems I’m late for the big event! Just like last year I’ll be writing about the games revealed and presented during the presentation from the big guys.

I think E3 2016 is getting way less attention than last year. And I think this means we have been getting enough great games to satisfy our needs. But more great games are always welcomed.

And so the most waited gaming event, E3, returns. Of course, by now all the presentations below have ended so I’m starting to write all about these and their epic games:

June 12: 

Electronic Arts: 9:00 pm (British Summer Time)  or 1:00 pm (Pacific Daylight Time);

Bethesda: (June 13) 3:00 am BST or (June 12) 7:00 pm PDT;

June 13:

Microsoft: 5:30 pm BST or 9:30 am PDT;

PC Gaming: 7:30 pm BST or 11:30 am PDT;

Ubisoft: 9:00 pm BST or 1:00 pm PDT;

Sony: (June 14) 2:00 am BST or (June 13) 6:00 pm PDT;

June 14:

Nintendo: 5:00pm BST or  9:00 pm PDT.



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