The Last Guardian flies over the battlefield

You’ve seen the movie, you know the legend. Now it’s time to play as The Last Guardian!

For those who just saw Warcraft, the movie, and that was your first contact with the Warcraft movie, this Medivh might be a little different from what you remember.

But hey, if you’re playing Heroes of the Storm, I doubt you didn’t heard about this man!


Medivh comes to Heroes of the Storm right after Chromie, a bronze dragon, also important to the Warcraft narrative.

With Medivh you’ll be able to cast portals, defend your allies, imprison your enemies or polymorph a whole enemy team!

You can watch the Hero Spotlight video below.


If you have been stuck playing Overwatch and nothing else, maybe Medivh will have a portal for you to get back into the Heroes of the Storm. Perhaps, he is the portal you were waiting for.

Specially since the Ranked Season 1 is beginning. Sweet rewards await for you to take.


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