Become one in death in League of Legends

No, this isn’t a new champion. The teaser for Dark Star was meant for new epic looking skins.


Varus and Tresh were the chosen champions to bear the mark of the Dark Star as entities that lurked upon the world to hunt down their preys, either in the lanes or in the jungle.

Animations, sounds and visuals have been modified to inherit the dark entity, giving their abilities a slice of  the surrounding doom that awaits for your enemies.

3 icons and a ward are also available, all packed up in a bundle.

Dark Star Tresh is 1820 RP, Dark Star Varus is 1350 RP, ward is 640 and icons are 250. You can get the bundle for 3672 RP until June 20.

You can watch the skins in action on the video below.


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