First Day of E3 2016 – Electronic Arts

E3 2016 rewarded us with more games. Let’s see what Electronic Arts have waiting for us!

On June 12, Andrew Wilson, CEO at Electronic Arts, began the presentation that marked the beginning of E3 2016  Conferences, in Los Angeles.

With a familiar speech about players and how EA can develop the play experience, Andrew Wilson confessed that “we see has our responsibility to help people on all corners of the globe experience play, because we all play to live.”

Before leaving the stage to let an already known sequel take the spotlight, the EA’s CEO eased the worries of the viewers by revealing that Star Wars games, Mass Effect, Sport games and Battlefield 1 would be topics to talk about later during the show.

Vince Zampella, CEO at Respawn Entertainment, continued the conference, astonishing the viewers with an official trailer of the multiplayer gameplay in Titanfall 2.TitanFall2_bubble

Peter Moore, chief competition officer at EA, followed, directly from London, and talked about Madden NFL 17, esports and EA’s plans to make “competition fun and meaningful for everyone, regardless of their ability.”MADDEN_NFL_17_bubble

Back in Los Angeles, Aaryn Flynn, general manager at BioWare, enthused the audience with Mass Effect: Andromeda: “The Mass Effect trilogy is a huge part of our history.” “We’re building on the things you love about Mass Effect: amazing stories and gameplay.”Mass_effect_andromeda_bubble

Andrew Wilson returned referring to a more practical conversation on play, promising a constant devotion to update more frequently their games on consoles, PC and mobile. Making use of the occasion, the EA’s CEO explained their new program: Play to Give: in-game challenges with charitable donations. “At EA, we celebrate charitable causes that encourage a more diverse and inclusive world for all of us.”

Peter Moore continued the sport games announces with “a brand new experience in FIFA 17 and it’s called The Journey“.FIFA17_bubbleJosé Mourinho, football manager, was invited to step into the stage to share a few words, since he’ll be in the game, and Aaron McHardy, game producer, talked about the changes in FIFA 17 gameplay.

Patrick Söderlund, EVP at EA studios, followed up, in Los Angeles, remembering the game Yarny that EA presented on last year conference, revealing that they are looking for “passionate developers telling amazing stories, creating spectacular games.” “We are committed to work with small developers finding these great new games and giving all of you a chance to discover their magic.”

Announcing EA Originals program, Söderlund remember us that “making games is hard, it’s hard business.”And avoid all critic that might be lifted against EA intentions by informing that ” we want all the profit from these games to get back  into the hands of the developers so they can keep innovating and creating into the future.”

Fe was the first offspring from this program to be revealed, that is being developed by Zoinc, a small studio in Gothenburg.FE_bubbleJade Raymond, general manager at Motive studios, led the conference to a topic that everyone has been waiting for: EA Star Wars games. For the next Star Wars games, EA teamed up with DICE, Motive, BioWare, Respawn Entertainment and Visceral, with Lucasfilm.

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, Star Wars: the Old Republic and Star Wars Battlefront are the Star Wars games already available with fresh and new content planned all year long.

In 2017, a new installment of Star Wars Battlefront, by DICE and Motive, will be available with content from the new films.

In 2018, a new action-adventure game, by Visceral, will be about an original narrative in the Star Wars universe with new characters. Respawn Entertainment will be exploring a different Star Wars era in their own third-person action-adventure game.EA_STAR_WARS_GAMES_bubble

Patrick Söderlund returns to crush all our hopes of the reveal of more games by talking about “one last game”: Battlefield 1.BATTLEFIELD_1_bubblePatrick Bach, general manager at DICE, continued to talk about the “most immersive and dynamic battlefield ever.” A live-streaming of 64 players divided on 2 teams, with the actors Jamie Foxx and Zac Efron, in a best of 3 match-up happened after the conference.

So, what do you think about all these new games and programs from Electronic Arts?


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